16 Jun

Observing your horse foraging can be a real eye opener.  They will not just be randomly eating anything - horses have a built in ability to seek out the plants that they know will benefit them the most.On a recent hack, Jerry was picking out all the cleavers (sticky weed) - so what does that mean?Well - we cant always work out exactly why a plant is the "chosen one" for that day - many plants have so many medicinal qualities that they tick lots of boxes but if we understand a little bit about each plant, we can very often work out how they might be feeling.CleaversThis is a super little plant that grows all over the place - it is another first for spring and the hedgerows are full of it at the moment.  It is full of nutrients and has lymph cleasing properties and is often selected after an infection or impariment of the lymph system or by horses that need support for the liver.  It is a great diuretic and so can help cleanse through the kidneys and urinary system and reduce fluid retention.  It is also a bitter herb and can therefore be stimulating for the digestive system and has been known to have a healing effect for horses that suffer from gastric ulcers.It is rich in silica and so great for the coat and hair and can help to clear up skin ailments.I cant tell you exactly why Jerry needed it - but the fact that he carefully selected it out of many other plants indicates that he knew he needed it.  He is in tip top condition and so whatever might have been lurking, he sorted out himself. It could be connected to the allergy he had a few weeks ago and some residual toxins that needed clearing from his lymph or maybe he was generally feeling a bit itchy . Its not always possible to work it out but I always try to watch and listen to what he is telling me - he usually knows best!

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