08 Jun

During this time of year, we see Cow Parsley popping up all over the place – my horse is unable to go more than a few steps without grabbing at it.  So, is it just an annoying weed or does it have special medicinal qualities?

Cow Parsley is a great cleansing tonic, but it is also very cooling which is why it can be very popular with our equine buddies during hot sunny days.  It is great for the digestive system and is very good at balancing the gut – it is quite a bitter plant, and this can help to stimulate appetite. 

Cow parsley is also a diuretic and so works well to help eliminate toxins and is supportive to both the liver and kidneys – it can stimulate the liver if it is a little sluggish and help activate circulation and help to reduce fluid retention.  It is excellent at helping to balance blood sugars and is useful for helping neutralize disorders arising from abnormal chemical reactions within the body.

It is great for treating joint pain and rheumatism as it has anti-inflammatory properties and it can help reduce skin allergies – it can reduce blood pressure, it is antibacterial and can help with coughs and colds (it was used in Chinese medicine to treat bronchitis, asthma and flu).

So that simple little plant that we walk by and generally ignore or chop down, is so powerful that it can address many of the issues that our horses suffer from, without us having to even think about picking up the phone to the vet.

Foraging is the key – allowing our horse to graze and self-select and then monitoring their choices can give us such a powerful insight into how they are feeling. 

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