04 May

I have been a little quiet on here lately which is partly due to a very busy schedule treating lots of lovely horses and teaching, but also because I have been working away in the background to further enhance my knowledge and skill set and this weekend I was finally awarded my Masters!! .  This means that I have been trained (over several years with many many hours of theory, practical work, blood, sweat and tears!!) to the highest level possible for this line of work and so to all my lovely clients, you can rest assured that I have plenty of knowledge and different modalities in my "tool kit" to keep your horses happy, healthy and performing.  When I come out and see your horses, one type of "therapy" is not always the right one for that horse so I love the fact that I have many different skill sets to get it right for the individual horse.  

I don't just look at the problem - I am trained to fully assess and work out why there is a problem in the first place and put in place a plan of action to prevent a re-occurrence.

Please get in touch if you would like a visit - my diary is filling fast for the next few months.

Tara xxx

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