15 Apr

What is often viewed as a little weed has phenomenal medicinal properties. The dandelion is full of great antioxidant properties and works wonders at helping a horse get rid of all those toxins that build up over the winter and then to strengthen up the immune system and this is the reason why the dandelion is one of the first little plants to pop up and make an appearance in Spring and why we see so many of our horses selecting this in their paddocks. It is also great for conditions of the liver and kidneys and for increasing urination and expelling any nasties that are lurking - it can help stimulate appetite and digestion but also works to settle the gut and helps balance levels of beneficial gut bacteria. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is sometimes selected for muscular problems. It is incredibly rich in nutrients and can help balance blood sugar levels.It really is a little plant that ticks all the boxes and is a firm favourite with our equine friends.

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