03 Feb

 Winter has an impact of the circulatory system of our animal.  Everything slows down and decreases and so we find that veins and capillaries become more delicate and more prone to things like cellulitis.  Everything stiffens up because the flow around the body is less and so metabolic waste and inflammation get stuck, particularly around the joints which is why we see exacerbated arthritis, swellings in the lower limbs and a buildup of toxins and inflammation around the body and within muscles.  The body naturally slows down because of winter stasis but we also find that decreased turn out can causes circulation to slow even more because the lack of movement has a knock-on effect to the internal pumps that circulate the blood and oxygen and with a lack of oxygen, it can lead to heart problems and the increased risk of infection.  Keep following me to find out what we can do to help our horses

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