15 Feb

WINTER SERIES – Digestion In the wild, the digestive system of many animals including horses, would naturally decrease and slow down in winter.  However, in domesticated horses we generally ask the horses digestive system to work harder than ever at this time of year.  We increase the quantities of grain, sugars and starches because it feels like the right thing to do when it is cold and wet but by doing so, we make it much harder for the digestive system to synthesize and metabolise.  As a result, we tend to see an increase in ulcers, colic, sluggish digestion, diarrhea, malabsorption, and leaky gut to name but a few.  The balance of the microbiome within the gut becomes disturbed and we start to get dysregulation of gut bacteria. As a knock-on effect and because many of the systems work hand in hand with others, we then find that immunity generally reduces leading to other ailments that we wouldn’t necessarily connect to the digestive system

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