horse owners training academy
Equine Massage Academy (EMA) is a leading training provider in equine therapy related career courses and before that, it was the original pioneer of equine massage for horse owners training courses.

HOTA was designed purely for horse owners to bridge the gap between themselves and Therapists, Vets, Scientists etc, by creating an informed knowledge base underpinned by science, observational experience and industry expertise to further enhance the health and wellbeing of all horses. This is to benefit not only horse owners but also associated people such as grooms, riding instructors, stable staff etc, those who are around horses on a day-to-day basis who have a responsibility for their healthcare and performance.


Nowadays there is much conflicting information circulating within the entire media, on-line, magazines and so on, all of which can be overwhelming for both new and experienced horse owners. Attempting to understand this fast paced, rapidly changing and confusing environment driven by clever marketing campaigns isn’t easy and there seems to be a high price tag with everything ‘equestrian’ that promises miracle cures and enhanced performance.
We have taken the myth out of many of these confusing subjects to give you evidence based advice. Instead of being tempted into buying equipment, gadgets, training aids and so on, you can make your decisions from a place of knowledge. Much of this equipment is not necessary and some can actually be detrimental – we have seen this often in our professional work especially with equipment that has no scientific backing or research behind it being suggested and used to “rehabilitate” horses.

HOTA Courses

Our courses are multimedia, delivered through a professional presentation by industry expert Instructors. Many courses have a hands-on practical element and will be delivered on site at a venue near you. Some are held on line over Zoom so you can learn and enjoy from the comfort of your own home. All are accompanied by a comprehensive training manual and certificate of attendance.

Whatever medium you chose, attended or on-line you will not be disappointed with the training courses and the quality of the learning content, which mirrors the high standard of our professional courses. Accredited to level 3, you are guaranteed to receive a course with substance that is quality assured.

Our courses are based on:
Empathy, Integrity, Science and Alternative Approaches

Courses are available to suit your circumstances, budget and learning preferences as follows:
  •  Attended – these are multi-media format with a practical element, held through HOTA at an equestrian facility with a group of learners.
  •  On-line with Instructor – these are multi-media format with an instructor held via zoom. They are very interactive with questions and answers. 
  •  On-line are delivered via our on-line training platform with the learner accessing the training at their own convenience and pace.
All courses, irrespective of delivery style, come complete with a training manual for on-going reference and a certification of attendance.
The categories of courses are as follows:
  • MANAGEMENT SERIES – these have a specific focus on management and welfare, keeping and maintaining your horse the best it can be.
  • HEALTHCARE SERIES – these have a specific focus on health and wellbeing, optimizing the health of your horse, helping to avoid illness.
  • TRAINING & PERFORMANCE SERIES – these have a specific focus on optimizing your horse’s performance through correct training and to help with prevention of injury

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