Horses have been my passion for as long as I can remember - it somehow seems to run in my DNA as my daughter has the same passion and enthusiasm. I am lucky enough to have spent a good part of my life surrounded by my wonderful equine friends who have taught me so much and continue to do so.

I have always dreamed about a career with horses and now finally after some very long years of training and from working and training alongside the very best, I am now able to see that dream come true. After many many hours of theory, practical work, blood, sweat and tears!!) I am now a Master Therapist and trained to the highest level possible for this line of work and so to all my lovely clients, you can rest assured that I have plenty of knowledge and different modalities in my "tool kit" to keep your horses happy, healthy and performing.

When I come out and see your horses, one type of "therapy" is not always the right one for that horse so I love the fact that I have many different skill sets to get it right for the individual horse.
I don't just look at the problem - I am trained to fully assess and work out why there is a problem in the first place and put in place a plan of action to prevent a re-occurrence.

I am also very proud to be the South West Botanical Assessor and Examiner for our EMA Botanical Practitioner Course

I am insured to provide my services to horses who compete in any discipline up to the value of £1,000,000.

I am a proud member of The Institute of Veterinary & Animal Therapists (IVARP), the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) and of the International Equine Professionals - all of which ensure we train to the highest standard on an ongoing basis that we provide the very best standard of care to the animals we are lucky enough to meet during the course of our therapy..



So, what started me on this journey? Here is Oakley........

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I am really honoured to have been accepted as a Member to this wonderful organisation who strive to improve the welfare of horses.

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The endocrine system

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Some interesting facts will follow here over the next few weeks in the lead up to Spring

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The magnificent cow parsley

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Foraging for cleavers

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The beautiful dandelion

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Full massage and rehabilitation - First session 2 hours

  • Each appointment includes: a full conformation and biomechanical assessment of the horse, to include tack fit assessment if required. Palpation and range of movement will be assessed to determine the most appropriate form of massage therapy to suit each individual horse and its needs. A full written therapy report will also be included.

Massage and Rehabilitation follow up sessions

  • Each appointment will follow on from the first session - an overview of progress will be discussed and a further biomechanical assessment of the horse will take place. Palpation and range of movement will be assessed to determine the most appropriate form of massage therapy to suit each individual horse and its needs. A summary written therapy report will also be included.

Applied Herbal Choices - First session - 2 hours

  • Includes the cost of all herbs and oils selected
  • This is a full session based on the premise of self-selection where the horse will be offered numerous herbs and oils to enable them to use their innate ability to self-medicate by inhaling and ingesting essential oils and other plant extracts.
  • A powerful and informative session that produces incredible results

Applied Herbal Choices - follow up sessions

  • Includes the price of all herbs and oils selected
  • This is a follow on session to allow the horse to continue their self medication journey. Often equine issues have to be peeled away like the skin of an onion and not all issues can be remedied in one session - sometimes physical pain can not be addressed until the emotions are treated and vice versa.

Pre Competition Sports Massage

  • A specific sports massage to prepare the muscles for heavy work / competition / racing. The techniques used increase blood flow to nourish and energise the muscles and get them primed ready to perform at their best.

Post Competition Massage

  • A gentle massage to help remove lactic acid and toxins from the muscles. A build up of these toxins will create stiffness after heavy work / competition / racing. This therapy will help remove the toxins and help to keep your equine athlete in peak performance.

Groundwork & handling skills

  • Aimed to help improve communication and handling skills between the owner and the horse which ultimately strengthens the bond and relationship

LLLT Blue Light &/or Red Light Photo-therapy

  • This price is for a stand alone visit. LLLT treatments are cheaper if incorporated as part of a full massage and rehabilitation session.
  • Red Light LED is used to treat muscle tension & spasms, joint pain and Scar Tissue.
  • Blue Light is antibacterial and can be used for treating open wounds, reducing the risk of infection and improving the healing process.

PEMF treatment (Pulse & Electro Magnotherapy session)

  • This price is for a stand alone visit. PEMF treatments are cheaper if incorporated as part of a full massage and rehabilitation session.
  • PEMF is the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields in an attempt to treat various injuries, bone related conditions and pain within the body


  • £10 when included with another treatment. If I have to travel just to apply K-tape, the price may increase slightly.
  • K-Taping is used to relieve the pain from sore muscles and can reduce the effects of bruising and improve circulation. It can provide super support and has been proven to have some dramatic effects on the stability of the horse when applied to places like the SI joint.
  • Tape can also be left on the horse for a continued benefit after the session.
  • Redford Lane, Bristol BS16, UK