I like to be able to offer an all round service to my equine friends and to do that it is necessary to have a range of skills and tools available.  I may be called out to carry out a herbal consultation but I may feel that actually the horse would benefit from massage or myo fascial release.  I have therefore spent the last few years training in as many fields as I can and I am able to offer the following;

  • Applied Herbal Choices
  • Massage and Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Myofascial Release, 
  • Myofascial Release for Performance & Therapy, 
  • Introduction to Kinesio Taping, 
  • Low Level Laser Therapy, 
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy, 
  • Bit and Bridle Fitting
  • Equine Emergancy First Aid
  • Zoo Pharmacognosy
  • Triangulation Technique
  • Reiki One
  • Reiki two
  • Management and Applied Therapies for Breeding Stock
  • Equine BioSecurity Best Practice Protocols
  • Photizo Light Care